At Crestline Custom Builders we apply the very best engineering principles to every aspect of our business. As a result, we achieve exceptional balance, integrity and durability in everything we do. The direct benefits to you are that a Crestline home simply gives you more home and genuine value for your money, is constructed faster and reflects higher quality.

How We Engineer Single Family Homes

Our homes are engineered to make the most of and the best use of space. From the pitch of the roof to the placement of a stairway, we are mindful of your family’s space needs for today and tomorrow.

Innovative engineering is the hallmark of a Crestline home, from initial design to the last construction detail. We engineer our homes using computer-assisted design (CAD) technology and build them to maximize quality, energy efficiency and long-term durability. All modules are laser-leveled in the plant. The builder is required to construct a perfectly level and square foundation, which is carefully checked before the house is set in place. Our homes are built to withstand winds of 120 mph, with options for 130+. This ensures perfect structural integrity during transport to your home site.

Green Building
Green homes are environmentally friendly at every stage in their life cycle.  At the onset green building methods require fewer resources to build than conventional homes because of efficient floor plans, framing methods and materials used.  Materials used require no additional resources to finish on site and remain durable for the life of the home.  Many materials contain post consumer recycled materials, again, using fewer resources.

Green homes also use fewer resources during the life of the home by taking advantage of passive solar heating in winter and cross ventilation in summer.  The use of energy efficient lighting, appliances and windows reduces resources used for heating and cooling and thereby reduces these costs. 

On the exterior of the home maintenance is virtually nonexistent due to the  use of vinyl siding and windows.  On the interior, laminate flooring, laminate or granite countertops and pre-finished cabinets also require no maintenance, therefore eliminating the use of resources and saving the homeowner money. 

We at Crestline Custom Builders have been incorporating many of these features into our homes long before it became fashionable or politically correct just because they make good common sense, add value to our homes and save our customers money. 

Take a look at our features, compare them to the competition, then when you decide to “go green”, go Crestline.

Energy Efficiency

Precision-built, and utilizing materials with high energy ratings wherever possible, a Crestline home is impressively energy efficient, saving you money on utility bills. We also use low-E coated windows and offer energy-efficient appliances.

How We Engineer Multi-Family Homes

Our engineering department, supported by the latest version of AutoCAD, is set up to help our commercial customers work through the planning stages of their projects.

We have created an open-minded and cooperative atmosphere to help them determine the best way to complete their projects successfully. This, we believe, is not common practice within our industry.

Engineering Flexibility

At Crestline Custom Builders, our engineering capabilities enable us to step away from our or your initial design and create options that might better accommodate today’s realities and tomorrow’s dreams.

Quantity Purchasing

One significant advantage of off-site engineering is that it enables us to purchase materials in large quantities, at substantial savings – savings we share with our customers.


Building indoors offers many advantages, all of which save time and money:

• Less waste. Materials are kept out of the weather and under lock and key.

• Fewer subs. Off-site engineering eliminates 70% of on-site subcontracting.

• Better quality. From a more stable, satisfied workforce that appreciates:

- A regular 40-hour workweek
- Predictably comfortable working conditions
- Becoming expert at a particular aspect of the process

Customer Support

Our knowledgeable, professional customer support team will be accountable and responsive to you throughout the building and installation of your project, ensuring a smooth and efficient building experience.

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